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6 Awesome Reasons Why Start-ups Are Right Career Decision

Become Multi Skilled
Being a start-up, We understand what start-ups are looking for. Create visibility on start-up focused avenues & boards. Keen eye on behavioral traits and attitudes.
Get Business Know-how
Startups need quick turnaround time, because hiring is purely on absolute need basis (not planned months in advance). We have reasonably perfected the art of finding the right-fit talent within 15 days; in most cases much lessor.
Access Founders Directly
We have realised that it is better to have seasoned & experienced recruiters onboard. They are much better in terms of delivering the right experience to you and smarter at assessing the candidates.
Learn Overcoming Failures
We have deployed NLP Semantic based Matching, Auto-sourcing of CVs and Data Science based scoring technology, so that you benefit from a simpler, accurate and fast hiring experience.
Potential Future Founder
Hiring being very subjective and with many uncontrollable variables, we do not always deliver. But important part is to keep you informed of the risks in advance and if it ain't going nowhere, do a fast refund.
Earn Wealth
Times when we don't deliver, we refund your money within 5 working days. Last year we achieved 92% rate on this metrics. We strive not to reach this stage at all, but strive to refund fast, if it does.

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