Eazyhire a product/brand owned & managed by Insiders Research Solutions LLP

Do you want to hire super fast, start-up ready talent and without breaking your head with traditional recruiters? Eazyhire gives you the solutions you need to succeed. We always had a perspective on how talent should be acquired; Fast and of great Quality.

In many cases we even formulated ideas and approaches on implementing a 'Rapid Acquisition Strategy' on behalf of the HR. When the point of frustration had peaked, we felt we ought to do something for the greater benefit of the professional world and hence decided to foray into this yet to solved ‘Hiring’ puzzle (inspite of millions of job portals and zillions of hiring agencies!).

Eazyhire as a product was launched in 2013 by its parent company and in a short span is a trusted hiring partner for 680+ clients primarily Startups across 9+ countries. Eazyhire came in the top 3 best innovative startup companies in a competition held by ET NOW, an Economic Times Initiative. This is where it won its first round of Angel Investment and subsequently raised 2 rounds of additional funding by a leading VC.

In March'16 it exchanged the ownership hands and got acquired by "insiders" a trusted name in CXO hiring & Talent Research space. Today "eazyhire" as a product/brand is owned and managed by Insiders Research Solutions LLP with only intent to grow it stronger, break more barriers and set new benchmark in the recruitment industry.

We are bunch of amazing people who want to do something great, but absolutely differently. Our aim is while we want to think & act different, we want actually help our customers solve their real problems in a simple yet different way from the one they have been used to. One of our wicked visions is to disrupt the Recruitment Agency market. This is because we see thousands and thousands of companies working with these agencies and end up doing most of the work pretty much on their own and yet end up paying huge sums as their fees. Hence we build Eazyhire on a no-nonsense 30 days guaranteed delivery, fixed-fee with money back-guarantee model. And it works!

When we started we sat down and decided what is that we will do and how will we do it and most importantly what we will not do. There was unison when it came to market segment of ‘Start-ups’ (hey if we are start-ups and we know what hiring problems we have, we can align well with hiring problems of other start-ups…).

Finally we clearly articulated that ‘Customer Delight’ and ‘Customer Experience’ should be the only guiding pillar for all of at Eazyhire, irrespective whether we end up hiring or not hiring for them.