Why Exclusive?

A question which we face everyday when a new client approaches us; the general recruiting mind-set is to float the requirement to multiple recruiters and get maximum nos of CV which makes the 'Law of Average' works...SERIOUSLY!!! Are you building a team of ROBOTS or HUMAN?

Hiring is not Sales/Marketing where the number game works; you need to attract, engage and show a value proposition to get the right talent on board. Exclusivity not only gives a more focus approach and a sense of responsibility to the recruiter but also make sure that the value proposition & positioning of the Co. is intact in front of the candidate.

What makes "eazyhire" different from any other recruiters?

100% StartUp Focus

1650+ hires across 860+ Startups with 1825+ Hiring mission

Experienced high quality & qualified recruiters with a proven track record

30 days closure Guarantee

Do we need to Shortlist CVs send by "eazyhire"?

Each CV endorsed by "eazyhire" is well assessed, validated & qualified; hence each batch of CVs matches precisely to your requirement. So NO need to shortlist just ask us to schedule the interviews and get the real hiring process started.

OK we will give it exclusive but What if "eazyhire" doesn't perform we loose flat 30 working days?

Our proven track with 860+ Start-ups definitely suffices this but of course experiencing is believing. Singup with us and if you don't find our work quality impressive than you are all free to call off the mandate within 10 working days and of course with a 100% retainer refund with no condition applied.

OK I understand your focus is quality but we can't give Exclusive? So do you all take non-exclusive hiring mandates?

Almost 100% of our work is Exclusive; but YES we do sometime understand the limitation of our clients to give us Exclusive. Hence in a case on non-exclusive work the Retainer Refund guarantee gets void from Day 1.

Why your fees are on a premium side?

YES it is but if you appreciate PRECISON, QUALITY and a proven TRACK record than you actually end up SAVING.

How do we start?

1. Share your hiring requirements on sales@eazyhire.in

2. We review and share the Hiring Proposal

3. Agree on Terms > Sign > Pay > We START

What's the best way to reach 'eazyhire'?

Preferably drop us a mail on sales@eazyhire.in with your hiring details or alternatively give us a Call us.

What's the replacement Guarantee i.e. if the joined candidate's leave?

That's on us; depending on the level of the position/CTC we give a 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months Guarantee if the candidate leaves.

Why Pay a Retainer?

By making up-front payment you get 3 key benefits: Quick hire, great quality and a committed hiring process. We bet you on this that none of the traditional Recruiting agencies can offer such benefits and as regards our competitors, you will have to work with us to see the difference in the overall quality of hiring experience.

Upfront payment truly gives us exclusivity on the requirement and we know client is 100% committed to hiring and not just out exploring the market

This makes 'eazyhire' not only equally committed to the mandate but also make us professional, legally & monetarily bound to perform but by a non-performance we not only loose on time, effort and money but a client as well forever.

By this strong commitment, we are able to achieve very high conversion rates of almost 90% for you and that too in a 30 working days

How do I make the payment?

Now, we are talking!! It's pretty simple…we accept cheque deposits and online transfers made to our account. Our banking details are mentioned on the invoice you receive before starting every hiring mission.

How soon can I get the Refund?

In case of non-performance (rarely rare) by 'eazyhire' and you wish to seek refund as per any of the applicable clauses as per the contract; we will expect a refund request on email from you. Once we receive the email, we will release your refund amount within 10 working days.

How many batch of CV can we expect from eazyhire?

Ideally, we close a mandate in 05-07 batch of cv but to give an understanding each batch contains a min. 02 or max. 03 CVs. 'eazyhire' is committed to endorse CV until the position is closed and if required not just limited to 30 days.

Does 'eazyhire' commitment to deliver get over once the 30 days are over?

No it doesn't we always sign an annual contract. For every hiring mandate we keep our execution until the position is closed and the joined candidate completes the guarantee period.

What if the closure doesn't happen in 30 days; I loose my Money?

Ohh!! Realistically its very rare... but if it happens and 'eazyhire' is at fault than you don't loose your money (100% Refund is applicable) *Refundable clauses applicable