1650+ hires across 860+ Startups with 1825+ Missions

"eazyhire" an executive search consultants in Mumbai is a '100% Startup' focused unique hiring agency in Mumbai, India that combines the benefits offered by Job Boards & Recruitment consultants in Mumbai. What makes us majorly different from traditional recruiters is that we don’t work on Law of Average AT ALL!!!!! 100% of our hiring mandates are DEDICATED, EXCLUSIVE & RETAINED. Hence we as a global search and leadership advisory firm in mumbai have been able to assure a time bound quality hiring service to our prolonged client list with 90%+ accuracy rate.

What makes unique is our proven track record- Hunger for QUALITY and PRECISION and YES its click away for our client to track it through our unique DMS Dashboard. Each CV sent to client goes through a relentlessly screening process by our recruiters and a CV is only shortlisted post 3 levels of assessment call; this is one of the way by which we have been able to bring down candidates fallouts to less than 10%.

In many cases we a leading recruitment agencies in Mumbai have even formulated ideas and approaches on implementing a 'Rapid Acquisition Strategy' on behalf of the Founders. When the point of frustration had peaked, we felt we ought to do something for the greater benefit of the professional world and hence decided to foray into this yet to solve ‘Hiring’ puzzle (inspite of millions of job portals and zillions of hiring agencies!). Hence we formulated the magic formula:

Dedicated + Exclusive + Retained = Precise Hire

[in 30 days Guaranteed]

72 hrs TAT and 30 days closure is what we Promise, Sign and Deliver with 100%
"Money Back Guarantee"

Precision & Eminence is what we practice and Deliver with only focus to make hiring a seamless and stupendous experience for our clients. Each CV endorsed to our client goes through rigorous screening, shortlisting and assessment criteria by our Recruiters and hence we have been able to achieve 90%+ accuracy and our Track record with 860+ Startups says it ALL!!!

Our Delivery model consists of 3 integrated components:

  • We assemble Right Team:

    Team of experienced recruiters comprising of qualified Engineers & MBA from A ranked institutes/universities. We as an executive search consultants assign you consultants with the right expertise, c-suite talent and contacts to execute your candidate hunt precisely. The technical background clubbed with practical experience of our Team gives us the edge for precise execution.

  • Stringent Quality Check:

    Integrated quality processes to strive & deliver 90% accuracy tracked diligently by our in house built DMS Dashboard (Data Management System). We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge, database and repetitive startup hiring experience to recommend you the best. Trust us 80% of closure are done in less than 10 CVs ;)

  • Time Bound Delivery:

    30 working days is what we not only promise & assure but also sign as well in the contract and the best part our DMS helps you to track it diligently. “RIGHT HIRE at RIGHT TIME” is the main essence of any successful StartUp... this is not something we claim randomly but experienced & delivered repetitively over 1080+ hiring across 735+ StartUps.

Precision & Eminence

We are a executive hunters in mumbai don't bombard CVs to clients for increased chances of CV shortlist and depend on law of average to work. Precision & Eminence is what we believe, practice and Deliver; hence only well assessed CV with right fitment are only endorsed... this is what has made us a recruiter of choice for numerous StartUps

Our regressive and repetitive StartUp hiring experience of 1825+ mandates execution has lead us to derive the magical tried tested proven delivery model of "Power of 3" wherein max 03 batches of well assessed and validated 2-3 CVs are sent to the clients every week with a strict feedback based on each batch mechanism in place to ensure that the subsequent batch improves in quality. This model has been proven to be so effective assuring a definite hire in flat 30 days plus backed by 100% "Money Back Guarantee".